I’d a call from a bi polar mate of mine another day who every frequently will go from the deep end.

“Rivers of blood” he said. “Come summertime, the avenues of Leamington will run with it.”

“UH, huh,” I mentioned, “Surely it will be even worse in Stratford? Along with those awful housing estates’ round its Shakespearean heart?”

“Never.” he said darkly, “There have been 4 muggings in Leamington last weekend.”

I’ve hardly any question that John is incorrect, and he is a gentle soul so that it surely will not be him performing any of it…

But yeah, The financial problem is hitting home, we are beginning to really feel the pinch.

First it was the gas crisis… well then it was 9.11… and right now appear. 4 muggings every week in Leafy Leamington Spa, the sweet Swarkovski crystal in the very Heart of England. (Leamington – that genteel city made famous in John Betjeman’s Death in Leamington?)

Though the corporate violence is much worse than this. So I ask you: when was the more time you’d a great knowledge about an insurance company? Only one which did not rip you off in a few crazy way, miss sell you a policy, treat you like a criminal when you’re the target of any disaster you believed you are completely covered for?

I am unsure what life is similar to just today in the halls of fiscal businesses globally, but in any other company environments there is plenty of illness, absenteeism, and exhausted individuals attempting to deal with 3 jobs because peers are fired or maybe not changed.

And so the clever men at these institutions battle again, in case the shareholders of theirs (that’s you and me) desert them, so the right way they do it’s to make sure that their Insured (that’s you and me) must battle for every penny.

This’s exactly why insurance policies are starting to be increasingly hard to know, and also the Key Facts documents that the FSA claims will guide you understand the small print are little help. Insurers are a lot better at getting round things than the FSA are at “regulating” them.

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